"You saved my life!" - Lindsay Green

"Missy saved my life - she all but donated a kidney to me to get me back on track. She even taught me how to budget, shop and cook!. Just this weekend I bought and roasted a whole chicken in the pan she bought me at Goodwill, then made chicken soup and chicken salad with the left overs for under $10 for 4 days of food!" - Mike Whiehead

"Missy has moved me twice and also helped me maintain my house. She brings a smile to my face and soothes my soul when she steps into my life and puts things into order in my busy life. I seem to have a better day the days she comes to visit (organize me). She is understanding of your life style and respects your home. She is honest and just a kind hearted person with a natural talent of organizing. I truly think I could not have managed my moves and general maintenance of my home without her." - Bita

"No job is to small, or to large for Missy!  Simply put, Missy is amazing!!!" - Mary McGettigan

"Missy's skills and calm, non-judgmental approach helped me gain the confidence I needed to start and finish the process of organizing my office. Now I know where everything is! Just 2 hours with Missy got me on my way to a visually pleasing office AND a filing system I can use forever. Talk about cost effective!" - Sandy Thompson

"Occasionally in life, someone comes along with extraordinary talent and extraordinary heart.  Such is the case with Missy Bystrom, President, The Organized Connection.  I met Missy when I moved across country 3 years ago and without her expert help and encouragement, I would have immediately reversed course and moved back home.    With amazing efficiency and effectiveness, she organized, sorted, donated and supervised contractors, making a stressful move from a large house to a 700 square foot retirement apartment a “Jeweled Box”.   And, she maintains the property and my spirits today!  If you are looking for a trusted advisor and friend to bring dreams to life, look no further than The Organized Connection." - Mary Cimiluca,  Executive Producer, Noetic Films, Inc., Ladera Ranch, California

"Missy has an incredible knack for seeing what needs to be done and taking care of getting it done before you even realize it needed to be done in the first place!  She is a key player in keeping our school in tip top shape!  What would we do without her?  I hope we never find out!" -Susan Tsacoumangos, Office Manager

"I was gifted with the Missy Bystrom Sponsor Award through NIEA. She came my condo over last Thursday evening to organize my closet and it was an extraordinary experience. I had no prior clue that organizing a closet could create such a life and energy change, but it has! Now opening my closet is a joy, not to mention that I am shopping in my own closet – things I couldn’t see or appreciate before."

"This was such a wonderful gift and I thank you for all your hard work and efforts on behalf of all of us, independent authors. A real treasure of an experience; sending much appreciation to you and to Missy, who has become a new friend."With gratitude, Debbi Dachinger, Goal Achievement Expert


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