In my 26 plus odd years of Business and Personal Organizing, I have seen more “Stress Balls” than the average person. This is, unless of course they are a manufacturer of Stress Balls. I am not proud to say, that I have ‘de-cluttered’ stress ball collections, organized stress ball collections,  and worked closely with clients ‘letting go’ of the stress ball collections.

In this time, I have thrown out, or donated more stress balls than anyone in a lifetime should be allowed to do. The responses from my clients vary, but the sentiment is the same. They are stressed out about the stress ball.

“It just sits here cluttering my desk”

” I’ve never used the thing but I feel bad throwing it away–here, I’ve got a couple more in my desk”

“I got these at a conference- they are supposed to relieve stress, but I’ve never tried it”

” I’ve tried using these things, and they don’t work- maybe I’m too stressed?”

“Someday I will use them, but I always feel guilty looking at them because I haven’t ever tried”

And so on. You get the picture.

Why on earth keep something around that you have never used, will never use, that symbolizes stress relief but causes you stress?! Is this a productive choice? Or is this a choice to keep clutter in your workspace that causes stress?

It’s your call. Incidentally, if anyone out there regularly uses a stress ball and it is effective in decreasing stress, I’d love to know your secret.

Stress Balls

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