Have you ever had the experience of misplacing your phone? Your charger? Maybe your keys to your office or your stapler?  How about an iPad or even a laptop?

If you nodded or answered ‘yes’ or at least can relate to any of these scenarios, you are not alone.

In the workplace, based on full-time employment, the average person wastes 4-6 hours looking for lost ‘stuff’. According to a survey done by P-touch in 2012, it was determined that 89 billion dollars per year is spent on the losses incurred by businesses in the US on either time lost looking for ‘stuff’ and/or on replacement of such items.  Unfortunately, financial losses to entrepreneurial businesses are even higher as they tend to take on more jobs and wear ‘more hats’.

Based on these numbers, one could very easily conclude that productivity and efficiency is affected in a negative manner when one is not organized. When an environment is cluttered, it makes it harder to locate items. When items cannot be located, TIME is wasted. When time is wasted, MONEY is wasted.

The answer? EVERYTHING MUST HAVE A HOME. If everything ‘lives’ somewhere, then it can always be easily found. There is never a question of ‘where’ it is.

Take it a step further: when something is used, PUT IT BACK in its home when finished.  Then it can always be located quickly and efficiently.


Nothing in this photo has a 'home'. Nothing can be easily located

Nothing in this photo has a ‘home’. Nothing can be easily located


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