Whether you are an iPad fan or spiral bound notebook fan, taking notes when given directions or information on the job is imperative to be organized and successful.

Note Taking Supplies

Note Taking Supplies

It’s funny how many people forget details in their jobs, especially when the tasks or clients change day to day. I imagine it may be human nature to think that you can remember everything. When in a conversation it seems so important and so vivid, there’s no way you can forget, right? Wrong. How many times have you walked into a grocery store to get milk, and you return home with a bag of groceries and forget the milk? We are busy people and there are a lot of distractions and clutter around us.

I guarantee if you take organized notes when a boss, client or manager is giving you directions, you will not forget or overlook a thing. How can you? The list is right in front of you. You then have the luxury of prioritizing.

In the workforce, we all want to set ourselves apart, whether you own your own company or work for a corporation. The best way to get noticed is to do all that is asked for you to the very best of your ability. Get a reputation for following through on projects and being reliable.  Be efficient and productive and skate through your workday.

Then go home at night knowing you’ve done an outstanding job.

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