As adults, our jewelry tends to pile up and get tangled when we take it off and don’t have a system to store it.  Often we come home from work, and toss it wherever it lands. Unfortunately it usually lands in a pile of other ‘stuff’ and gets mishmashed so the next time we go to wear it we can’t untangle it. Our productive day soon becomes cluttered with stress.

In order to maintain our home environment, and even our work environment, we must aim for balance.  Our jewelry should be put away immediately after wearing it, and have a ‘home’ or a system of where it belongs.

Children must be taught this too.  I suggest getting them a drawer with a jewelry insert, or a jewelry box.  Anything is fine as long as they use it, and better yet, help set it up.  This way they feel ownership, and motivated to maintain this space.

Jewelry maintained by a 10 year old

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