Organizing your clothing for home or business can often be overwhelming. Closets and drawers are hard to maintain and tend to accumulate with ‘stuff’- but it is necessary to do so for balance and ease in our every day life. You will have a more productive work day if it begins with ease and predictability.

I suggest teaching children how to organize and DeClutter their closets too- the earlier the better.

1. First De-clutter- get rid of anything that doesn’t fit

2. Next, determine categories: shirts, pants, skirts, etc.

3. Look at your space and where the categories will actually fit

4 Help your child develop a system of storing clothing and accessories- casual clothing near the front for example

5. I find it easiest to color code clothing- light to dark- left to right

Last, encourage them to maintain their system to keep things in balance. This can be done weekly to keep on top of it.

Drawer Organized by a 6 year old

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