Organizing applies to all areas of our lives- whether it’s organizing a business, maintaining a home, or de-cluttering a garage. ‘Stuff’ accumulates, it often multiplies, and it becomes disorderly.

As adults, we at least have an idea of what must be done to accomplish order and experience a productive life. We can implement systems that meet our needs. We can maintain our environment.

Children often do not have these skills. Not only do they not know where to start, they also have no clue where to put things once they begin.

You can assist them by taking bite-sized steps alongside of them.

Often girls have a lot of hair accessories. This is a simple area to begin with. Hang a thick ribbon on a wall or over a door in the bathroom. Have them put their clips and bows in tiny piles according to color. Then have them clip these to the bow in and order that makes sense to them: dark to light, most worn color, favorite color, size. Encourage them to maintain this area so at least their morning routine can be one of predictability and balance


Hair Bows and Flowers Organized by my 8 year old client:)

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