Children often accumulate a lot of books, which is wonderful. To encourage life long readers, I recommend having children organize their books (or bookshelves) on a regular basis.  This aids in helping them be more organized at school, be organized at work some day, and also helps them to create systems that work for them in many areas to come.

The first step is for you and your children to inventory what books they have.  De-clutter the papers and extras often shoved in with the books. Decide if all books need to be kept.  Often times due to space constraints, my clients rotate books.

Once you decide what books will go on a shelf, or in a case, figure out how you will arrange them. Some folks enjoy doing it by color, others by still, and still others by subject matter. There is no right way to organize books (just as there is no right way to organize any of your ‘stuff’). The key is to make is useful for your children.

Next, ask your children to put their books away after they are used to maintain this areas.  I usually have my children go through their bookshelves 4 times a year. Often we donate ones that they have grown out of to our local library, the school library, or a to a shelter.

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