Often children are eager to please, and can learn organizational skills at a very young age in simply putting away their toys. When these skills are acquired at a young age, it helps tremendously in organizing a business, maintaining a home, and helping them to have a productive life. The more balanced they can learn to be at a younger age, the more time they will have for a fulfilling life as an adult. Often my clients tell me that they wish they had learned organizational skills as a child.

The first thing to do is to get them bins or boxes.  You need not spend a lot of money, and they need not match.  The purposed of this exercise is for children to help group items (dolls, blocks, balls) and to decide where they will ‘live’. Once a bin is decided for a topic, I encourage children to label the bin or box.  This is a great way to teach them their letters, and to help them read or write.

The next step is to maintain this system that you have created.  Have children pick up and put their things away where they belong.  Each night for a few minutes they can participate in this task.  Occasionally, you will need to go through and declutter their ‘stuff’ to make certain toys are age appropriate.  Donate what you no longer need.

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Chalkboard Labels for toy boxes