Children, like adults, often need to be taught how to keep a timely schedule or a calendar.  In order for them to be organized in school, in a business someday, or maintain a home on their own, it is our job as parents, mentors or caregivers to guide them and support them in this process so they too can have a balanced and a productive life.

It is important to remember that often children’s schedules can get cluttered just like ours. Be aware of over-scheduling your children as well as bringing too much ‘stuff’ into their lives.  As a side point, clutter comes in many different forms.  It can appear in what they eat (too much processed foods or fast foods),  too little sleep (because  of a cluttered schedule), too little exercise (again, over-scheduled), as well as too much media.

As far as a calendar or a schedule goes, I find it easiest, at least for younger children, to have a good old fashioned wall calendar that the whole family looks at on Sunday night, or whatever night works best for you. Encourage children to look at their week, and to write down any activities that they have coming up.

This encourages accountability, and helps in preparation for the whole family.

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Family Calendar Example