Children, like adults, often need to be taught how to be organized. It is very important to do to prepare a child for organizing a business, maintaining a home, and having a balanced and a productive life.

I encourage all parents or caregivers to first teach children de-clutter their ‘stuff’ first. This means helping them part with useless objects or things that no longer serve their current needs. They may either donate, sell or toss/recycle these items.

When all of the ‘stuff’ is moved out, have them decided what goes where. The important point is that all things are put away in categories, and all items have a ‘home’. This is the first step in creating a system.

The last step in this process is encouraging the to put things back into their ‘home’, and maintain their environment. Each weekend I have my children straighten everything. During the week I just have them do a quick sweep of laundry, toys and books.

Remember to offer encouragement and praise from time to time. Soon it will become a part of their daily lives.

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