It’s funny how everything in life fits together in some way. I have begun the practice of yoga.

As a Professional Organizer I am always very observant of the businesses I frequent.  Are they de-cluttered? Are they Organized? Is there business run in an organized fashion? Have they created systems so it runs smoothly? If yes, then I feel comfortable enough to spend time there.

Cleveland Yoga has offered this, and much more.  Because I am now pausing long enough each day, I am able to focus more on my home and business.  I am maintaining things more easily, and being a lot more productive each day.  I am creating more balance in my home and business by creating more balance in my body by practicing yoga.  It all fits together!

Today my instructor told us something that will stick with me forever.  As a matter of fact, I’ve asked her if I can use it in my presentation as it was so similar to the Profession of Organizing.  As we were opening hip flexors she said ‘Your hips are like the junk drawers of your body- all of your ‘stuff’ goes there to die’.

Today I will be cleaning out the junk drawers in my home, since my body is done for the day.

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One of my favorite Yoga Instructors and Friends Alicia McMichael