I recently had the pleasure of moving. I love moving. It’s an opportunity for a new start in many areas of life. One, (and my favorite), is cleaning out the ‘STUFF’.

I am always amazed at those teeny tiny things that accumulate. This is the ‘stuff’ that collects in bowls, jars, bins, boxes, drawers, and any other desirable container you have around your home that is ripe for ‘sticking’ stuff when you can’t figure out where else it should go.
What kind of ‘stuff’ am I talking about? Things like (but not limited to): buttons, screws, samples, coupons, rocks, marbles, hooks, change, electronic pieces or adapters, pens, office supplies of all types, business cards, tiny notes to yourself, game pieces, legos or tiny toys, bread ties, wire, batteries, light bulbs, etc.

Now, this type of ‘stuff’ may not take up much room, but it’s ‘stuff’. Stuff clogs our energy, our home, our productivity, and our life.

What can you do?
1. Grab a huge flat box and put it in the center of your floor
2. Go around your home in every container and favorite stashing spot, and empty them into this box.
3. Begin creating piles for different rooms or locations in your home (games, workroom, laundry room, sewing, etc.) from the ‘stuff’ in this box.
4. Throw ‘stuff’ away as you are sorting it.
5. Label the piles with ‘sticky’ notes so you don’t have to think. You can just toss items in their designated piles.
6. Enlist family members to put ‘stuff’ where is is supposed to live as you are going through this process.
7. If in doubt, I suggest tossing it (or good-willing it if it’s useful ‘stuff’).
8. Be sure to sort everything. It is best not to keep any trinket or item that you can’t decide on.
9. It is ‘legal’ to have a keepsake bin or box for ‘stuff’ you can’t part with (like a key chain from the Grand Canyon- not that I have one or anything)
10. Make a ‘home’ for everything. A button jar, coin jar and battery drawer can all be helpful.

Last, when you get something new, or you have a tiny piece of ‘stuff’ in your hand that you think might be useful in the future- RESIST throwing it into the nearest bowl or drawer. Put it where it ‘lives’. Things enjoy having a home too.