I don’t know about you, but in a ‘paperless’ world, I sure get tons of paper! It comes in when I least expect it to: Mail, leaflets, newspapers, kids’ homework, marketing flyers, educational, promotional.

The problem with paper is that you can accumulate a lot of it and become overwhelmed quite quickly. If there is something important that you need, it’s hard to find amidst the ‘junk’.

What can you do?

1. Recycle mail BEFORE it enters your home
2. Recycle flyers in your driveway and on your door/door handle immediately
3. Do not politely take a flyer or tri-fold from someone. If you don’t want it, do not take it. It costs them money, and costs you sanity.
4. Recycle newspapers and magazines immediately after reading them. If there is something you want, want to remember, or want to refer to, tear out that page only and put in a ‘active’ pile or box.
5. Keep only things that are VERY important regarding kids’ homework and art. Have a ‘keepsake’ box, or hang it. You can’t keep everything.
6. When you meet someone, enter their information immediately into your phone, or have a business card folder in your car. That way cards and flyers aren’t floating around.
7. Get on ‘do not mail’ lists. There are plenty of them. All you need to do is google them. In addition, get OFF of mailing lists for catalogs. Many times you just call or shoot off an email.
8. Do not subscribe to magazines unless you have time to read them.
9. Have an active ‘pile’ or box and weekly make an effort to go through it before it gets out of hand.

I guarantee, your life with be a lot less cluttered by taking some very simple steps.