As I’ve said before, clutter comes in many forms.

Financial, or ‘debt-clutter’ is another form of ‘stuff’ in our lives, that is not healthy.

In this day and age, it seems impossible to talk to anyone who isn’t struggling with their finances. Some states are worse than others. I still have many friends in California who are struggling to make it, while still not paying their mortgage.

What can be done when we are so far in debt and the future seems hopeless?

1. Quit buying STUFF!
2. Do not surf the internet for STUFF
3. Only go grocery shopping with a LIST (Don’t eat out)
4. Stop all Magazine/Catalog Subscriptions (These only make us ‘want’ stuff)
5. Pay for necessities with MONEY- or CASH. Many studies have shown when we use checks or credit cards we are removed from our debt.
5. Write down EVERYTHING you spend. That’s right. Even parking meter change. It’s amazing once it is all on paper.
6. Write down your monthly income and expenses. Know exactly how much you have coming in, and how much you have going out.
7. Change your perception of money. Come from a viewpoint of abundance, not lack. Remember, money is only energy, like our ‘stuff’. Be grateful for what you HAVE, not regret what you do not have. Dr. Michael Beckwith has a CD on this. It was really eye-opening for me, and taught me to think of money in a new light:

8. Be realistic. You may need to change your life-style. Rest assured, you will survive.
9. Do free things (or less expensive things) : Go to the library, take a walk or a hike, take a bus, carpool, swap clothing with a friend, cook at home, drink water from the tap. The idea is one of gratitude for all of the resources and things we do have.
10. Find resources on finances. Read a book from the library- check out budget planning on the internet.

The most important thing is that you are committed to ‘de-cluttering’ your debts. This clutter isn’t as tangible as our ‘stuff’, but the weight of it can be as stifling.

Clutter is clutter.