Happy 2012!

Traditionally, this is a time of the year when New Year’s Resolutions are made. Many of those resolutions are well intended, but rarely are followed through.

Why? That’s probably different depending on each individual, but the answer probably has something to do with magnitude versus reality. Accountability also may play a role.

Keep it simple this year. Aim for balance. To be ‘organized’ whether at home or work requires you to simply do the step in front of you. Many times, when a resolution or statement is ‘to get organized’, that’s just too daunting of a statement. “I will clean off the surface of my desk or a countertop” is a much more obtainable goal.

Of course, if you want to ‘get organized’ for the New Year, then take it step by step, room by room, system by system- in a logical, bite-sized way. Do only the next indicated step.

This year, once and for all, you may have a chance at following through on your resolution!

In addition, you may want to consider to commit to following and adopting the steps that will be given on this blog for the next year. Then there is no way to not succeed!

Here’s to an ORGANIZED and successful 2012!