Clutter comes in many forms. In the U.S., and many other countries, it’s nearly impossible to escape. One must be present, aware, and live with intention in order to reduce the ‘clutter’ that surrounds us.

In the months to come, different types of clutter will be presented, with simple solutions and suggestions.

The first type of  clutter that can be controlled is that in which we actually choose to put into our bodies. Fuel. That is food and drink.

How can this be done?

1. Declutter your kitchen, including cupboards, pantries and refrigerators. Donate excess food, or toss expired items.

2.  Purchase foods in their truest form (less processed or no processing if possible)

3. Prepare meals ahead for the week. Use a crock-pot and your freezer. This helps with impulse purchases and convenience foods.

4. Solicit support or advice of an expert.  I follow Sandra Thompson at


Kiana Hartman eating at True Foods Kitchen in Newport Beach

Always keep in mind everything has energy. Too much of anything turns into ‘clutter’. If our goal is to live a life in balance, this can not be accomplished if we surround ourselves with too much of anything.