In my 25 years of ‘Organizing’ I have seen an amazing phenomenon. Clutter in our lives, and often in our heads contributes (and may lead to) clutter and chaos in our environments.

With the advancement of technology, and the increasingly ease of acquiring ‘stuff’, this chaos is not going away.  I feel it is safe to say that it is on the increase.

The ‘Clutter Cycle’, as I call it, goes like this:

‘Clutter’ in our heads (obligations, commitments, fears, regrets,)


Clutter’ entering our heads (emails, facebook, linkedIn, Tweets, Texts, Phones, TV, Radio, News)


Easy access and pressure to consume ‘stuff’– (media, marketing, technology)

Leads to:

Excess ‘stuff’ in our homes, businesses and in our lives

Resulting in:

Disorganization & Chaos in our home and business environment


Stress and Anxiety in our heads


It is all so closely linked, predictable- and cyclical.

There is no easy answer- BUT- in my life, I feel I have been called to assist in changing these patterns and ways of thinking.  Today I commit to blog, speak, write, teach, train and do everything in my power to aid in relieving humanity of this epidemic.

Let us first start with BALANCE. We know it’s important, but how do we get there?

I am going to start with a visual. It may be a metaphor in my case, but regardless, I am taking the lead from my dear friend Alicia McMichael of ‘Alicia McMichael International’ at:

This Photo will remain on my desktop as a motivator.  Let the transformation begin!