When we think of ‘clutter’ in our lives, we often think of the ‘stuff’. That is, the material ‘stuff’. The things we buy or collect.  Let me suggest that people in our lives can be ‘clutter’ as well.

Especially the ones who are toxic.

Toxic people are those that walk around in a cloud of black.  They carry around heaviness. You finish talking with them, and you feel exhausted. They may be negative, pessimistic, critical, and dishonest, love drama, or tell you about how much they have to do. Regardless, you know who they are.

I had the distinct honor of meeting Don Miguel Ruiz the other day.  He is the author of ‘The Four Agreements’, and a beautiful, insightful and humble man who carries great messages. He said something that was obvious, (and a bit humorous), but very difficult to grasp for some reason.

When talking to his children about what to do about toxic people, he reminds them “YOU CAN WALK AWAY”.

Wow! What a concept. It’s really that simple.  Why stick around?  Why expose yourself to that?  What’s the point?

Now, let’s take it a step further as Don did.

When you are spinning around, taking on too much (and telling everyone about it), texting and tweeting and facebooking and emailing, happily engaging is the madness around you, maybe not being authentic or honest or living the life you were meant to- then YOU ARE THAT TOXIC PERSON.

And as Don Miguel Ruiz simply put it- “You can’t walk away from you”.


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