We’ve spent the last couple of weeks De-cluttering, Categorizing, and ‘Organizing’ our Office Space.

It is now time to continue ‘Organizing’, while setting up any ‘systems’ you need.  We will have to talk generically here, since each of you has a different type of business.

Keep in mind, when putting things away in their ‘home’:

1. Things must fit, but still be able to be seen or easily obtained. (If not, find a new home or create one)

2. Things must make sense to you (do you need it out and visible, color coded, labeled, hidden, accessible, locked?)

3. Things must be ergonomically arranged (can you get it easily if you use it a lot)

4. Things must stay in the categories you arranged them in (you can combine here for the sake of space, but not to the extent that you create more clutter)

5. You are allowed, and encouraged, to continue to purge here or de-clutter- again.  (This process is on-going)

When you have put everything away, I highly suggest labeling what you’ve done.  Often times I even create a ‘map’ for an office and a ‘key’ for the file cabinet. This is especially beneficial when you have other employees or people helping you in your office space.

Systems evolve during this process.  A system is something that is useful to your business, predictable, and beneficial to you and the productivity  of your business and its day to day functioning.  Systems could be: (but are definitely NOT limited to)

1. Inventory or supply ordering (When something is low, or runs out, automatically order more)

2. Communication with clients, fellow employees, or business contacts- follow up!!!

3. To-do lists- and follow through

4. Calendars, scheduling, and events

5. Filing- purging, archiving, etc.

By the end of today, you should have every category in your office put away, whether it is in bins, boxes, files, shelves or cupboards. I suggest labeling as well. In addition, you should be following through daily on your ‘to-do’ list. Draw up a map or a key so you know where things are.

Practice giving directions on where things ‘live’ with a friend, family member or employee.  Direct them to something when you are not in the office, and see if they can find it. This is a sure proof way to be  ‘de-cluttered’, more organized, AND increase your productivity— which results in increased profits!

* for more information on this, and on the career of being a Professional Organizer, mark your calendar for May 10-13, 2012 for my Organizer Licensing and Certification Training or e-mail me at missy@theorganizedconnection.com for more information.