Whether you travel via plane at the Holidays for business or pleasure, it is important to do so in an organized, efficient and calm manner.

The Holidays naturally come with chaos and ‘clutter’. It seems to be in the air.

To avoid chaos before, during and after your travel, PLAN AS YOU MEAN TO GO ON:

1. Print out or have your boarding pass on your phone. Have it AND your ID and Credit Card easily accessible. Always put it in the same pocket or zipper

2. Weigh luggage ahead of time if you must check it in – and then curbside check it if you are able. Ideally, you have packed such little and so efficiently, that you only have a carry on

3. De-clutter your carry on and include necessities: Boarding Pass/Phone, ID, Credit Card, Cash, Gum, Snacks, Tissue, a zip lock bag for liquids, Asprin/Ibuprofin, a good book. http://www.amazon.com/De-Clutter-Organize-Intentionally-Creating-Balance/dp/0983227217/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1384804896&sr=8-1&keywords=declutter+your+self+bystrom

4. Prioritize and schedule all you will do on  your trip.  Where are you going? Flight Numbers?  Car rentals? Lay Overs? Taxis? Hotels? People? Basically, have contact information electronically and on paper for all that your are going to to.  Be certain to call ahead and confirm for all events, meetings, and people.

5. Be ready for anything: Cancelled or missed flights. Be ready for missed cabs- rented cars- traffic jams- harried people- and an overall feeling of rushing and chaos. Then when these things do happen—-  SMILE. Go with it.  Buy your flight attendants coffee. Tip your shuttle guy extra. Buy the folks at the ticket counter chocolates. (This all takes planning and organizing too). This way, instead of spreading frustration your are spreading cheer. This is contagious- and everything that follows will be somehow happier.

Lastly, remember you aren’t alone in this. Everyone needs to get somewhere. It’s up to you to do it in a productive, organized and a calm manner.

Woman I met in the airport showing off her Organizational Skills- She had all her chargers and outlets in this bag

Woman I met in the airport showing off her Organizational Skills- She had all her chargers and outlets in this bag


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