Lately I have been going to the homes of new clients and doing my normal walk-through. I love this time because I get to know my clients inside and out.

Sadly, comments I have been hearing quite often are “Well, I’m not sure if this is right” or “I am not sure if this is organized correctly”.

It has caused me to take pause in my career and ask WHY someone would not know if what they had done was ‘RIGHT’ or ‘CORRECT’.  Where does this come from? How could they not know?

I believe that people in our society, especially WOMEN are being pressured to ‘De-Clutter’ and ‘Organize’.  Standards are set high. Just walk down the isle of any store at checkout,  and look at all of the magazine covers.  Rarely will you see one that does not pressure one to be Organized or De-Cluttered, once and for all!!  In addition, many stores carry organizing tools and supplies to help us. Of course at the very same time we are also being pressured to CONSUME and provide for our family constantly.

We are also being pressured to multi-task ever more than at any time in our society.  We must be super-mom, super-wife, soccer mom, (baseball mom, swim mom, basketball mom, etc.), feed our family (in the most healthy way possible), be involved in our children’s school, (PTA),  volunteer on committees, attend events, entertain, keep our house clean and running like a well oiled machine, be a taxi, PLUS, work a job outside the home, keep slim and sneak a work out it, keep a smile on our face, AND be ORGANIZED in it all! —and not just ‘ORGANIZED’- But REALLY ORGANIZED. Perfectly ORGANIZED- ‘ONCE AND FOR ALL’.

No wonder why many of my clients fee pressure!

In my personal experience, I am here to tell you, that unless you live alone, make a lot of money, and either can afford to have help, or have a lot of free time, this is not realistic.

If your life sounds like the one I described above, here are some guidelines to use in your home to decide if you are organized ‘enough’.  Yes, I am giving your permission to not be perfect.

1. Do you know where everything is? (it may not look pretty, but you know where it is?) – if so, then you are organized.

2. Does the system you established work for you, and each member of your family? (it may not look like ‘Better Homes and Gardens’, but it works)- if so, then your are organized.




Because these days, sometimes, this is the best you can do.  Today, let that be good enough.



Living in Orange County California often required different types of organizing than living, say, in Wisconsin.  Here, we have Earthquakes.

Many of my clients have me create, and maintain an ‘Earthquake Preparedness Kit’ for them.  I update it each year making certain dates on food and medication are current, and that batteries work.

If you don’t have some type of box with things in ‘just in case’, you may want to think about it.  We were in the epicenter of on a couple of weeks ago- it was only 3.9, but it got me to thinking about writing this as a blog post.

Here is the short list of things to put into your box or boxes.  I suggest a giant rubbermaid container or bin:

1. Sweatpants and Sweatshirts for everyone in the family, as well as a blanket or two

2. Any prescription medication, extra glasses, or contacts

3. Any type of over the counter medication you use: Advil, Benadryl, and Peptobismo, Cold or Flu medication

4. A complete first aid kit

5. Toothpaste, toothbrushes, and personal care items

6. Food- Canned goods (high calorie, high protein), Peanut butter (a lot), evaporated milk, High calorie protein bars,

7. Walter Filtration Tablets; Flashlights, batteries, Flares, Radio,

8. Water, Juice, Gatoraid

9. Complete emergency kits are available if you don’t want to pack your own- I’ve used:

Also remember to have an evacuation or safety plan for you and your family.

Remember to check this kit annually.



Now that you’ve de-cluttered and organized your closet, it is time to learn to MAINTAIN it.

You have decided where everything goes- each article of clothing and accessories has a home.

There are not many rules to follow for maintaining a closet. It just takes a few seconds and some discipline.


1. If you are trying on clothes to decide what to wear, hang it back up immediately

2. If you are done with your day, and your clothing is still clean, hang it back up at the end of the day

3. If you buy new clothes, take off tags, launder, and hang immediately

4. Go through your closet once every 6 weeks or so.  Purge anything you don’t wear, that is stained or looking old.

5. Keep your clothes in their home– even if you are in a hurry. Remember colors and seasons.


There!  That’s all there is to keeping your closet beautiful!

Arranged by color





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