In my last post on organizing your clothing closet, I encouraged you to figure out the lay of the land.  What would you like to have in your closet as far as shelves? Baskets? Hanging Bars? Shoe racks? Hangers? Hopefully you’ve made some changes and are ready to begin organizing your new space.

Some of you may not be able to go out and change a lot in your closet.   You can still organize it quite easily.

To Begin:

1. Do an inventory of what you have left.

2. Purge some more.

3. Put clothing into categories: Pants, crop pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, tank tops, short sleeve tops, long sleeve, etc. You may want to further categorize by dividing work and play.

4. See how much you have in each category.

5. Visualize where it will fit in your closet (it’s like a puzzle- think space).

6. Adjust closet bars to accommodate longer items.

7. Switch out hangers if you purchased them.

8. Put everything in its new ‘home‘ in your closet.

9. When hanging things up, or folding them onto shelves or drawers, you should start with light colors, group them in like colors, and get progressively darker.  White to black, left to right.  Make sure things are all hanging in the right direction, and folded equally.

10. If you have things in baskets, label the baskets.  Often my clients have me label shelves or sections of the items hanging so they remember where things go.

Now stand back, notice the order and consistency of your closet.  It may be only a closet, but I guarantee you will feel happy each time you open the door!


Light to Dark- Left to Right

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Assuming that you purged your closet of all unneeded clothing, it is now time to begin ‘Organizing’ your closet.

The first step in this process is to take note of your closet ‘space’.
1. Do you have all the hanging bars necessary? Can you add more? Adjust them? Delete them?
2. Do you have bins, boxes, baskets and storage containers to house all of those odds and ends?
3. Do you have built in wire baskets, drawers or shelves? If so, have these been working for you? If not, replace them with bars. If so, then I suggest dividing drawers with dividers (these can be easily purchased at Target or The Container Store). I also suggest lining wire baskets with a fabric or liner of some sort. Stuff ‘shoved’ in these often is an eye-sore.
4. Do you have matching hangers? If not, I suggest getting the new ‘non-slip’ ones. These can be purchased at Costco for $9.99 for 35. Many others stores have these, but they are least expensive here. They also DOUBLE your closet space, hang all things symmetrically, at allow for large collars and small straps.
5. Consider getting shoe stands or hangers to go on the back of the door. If you have a big enough closet, you can get boxes.
6. Last, some people have large enough closets and don’t necessarily hang their own clothes. It may be a good idea to get bar markers. These can be purchase at: among other stores online:

This is also a good time to actually vacuum out and scrub down your closet. Despite the fact that clean clothing is put here, they tend to get very dusty.

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